CRCICA’s Director at the MACI Lecture: Tribute to Mohamed Madkour and graduation of Promotion Suzanne Bastid (2017-2018), Paris, France

On 16 October 2018, the Masters of Arbitration and International Commerce (MACI) celebrated the graduation of the Promotion Suzanne Bastid (2017-2018) by holding its annual lecture at the ICC, Paris, France. Following the opening speech by the current directors of the program, Mrs. Sandrine Clavel and Mr. Maximin de Fontmichel, Professor Thomas Clay, Professor at the Versailles Law, Former Director of the MACI, and Mr. Christophe Tse, Attorney at Law (Paris Bar), delivered a tribute speech to the late Mohamed Madkour (1980-2018), Partner and Head of Arbitration at Ibrachy and Partners (“I&P”) and former MACI graduate.

Dr. Ismail Selim delivered a speech titled “Arbitral truncated tribunals in the national and arbitral case law and under various arbitration rules.” The speech gave an overview of truncated tribunals as dealt with by various arbitral institutions and national courts, the general tendencies of international arbitral institutions when determining the applicable legal framework to truncated tribunals, and state courts’ position towards arbitral awards rendered by truncated tribunals.

The late Mohamed Madkour family attended the event as well as an important number of arbitration academics and professionals, in addition to the MACI’s alumni and current students.

The lecture concluded by an announcement that the next MACI Class (2018-2019) will be named “Mohamed Madkour Class” in his honor.

Mohamed Madkour

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