Africa Arbitration recognizes CRCICA Director as “Africa Arbitration Personality of the Month” in November 2018

The award Committee of “Africa Arbitration” decided to profile CRCICA’s Director Dr. Ismail Selim in the November 2018 series as: “Africa Arbitration Personality of the Month”. The series is designed to profile and recognize leading arbitration practitioners. In an interview published on the website of Africa Arbitration, Dr. Selim stated that several arbitration institutions based in Africa are now well equipped to international arbitration cases. He also recognized that the establishment of strong arbitral associations in Africa, like Africa Arbitration and the African Arbitration Association (“AfAA”), help supporting African arbitrators and arbitral institutions located in Africa. He also highlighted the increase of awareness of African governments of the importance of arbitration for securing economic development. Dr. Selim concluded by urging the African states to create the legal environment promoting independent and impartial arbitration institutions located in Africa.

For the full text of the interview:

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