50th anniversary of CREDIMI

Dr. Ismail Selim participated at the Colloquium on “The Sources of Law, International Trade, Ethics and Markets” held on 13 & 14 December 2018, at Burgundy University, Dijon, France to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Research Center on Procurement law and International Investments (“CREDIMI”) established in 1967 at the University of Burgundy.

Dr. Selim spoke at the first panel discussion during the first day of the event. His intervention focused on the legitimacy of arbitration and arbitrators and promoting regional diversity in arbitration institutions. With this respect, Dr. Selim referred to the importance of the role played by the major international institutions based in Europe but at the same time invited to give a closer look to the activity & achievements of the regional institutions located in Africa such as KIAC in Rwanda and the CCJA of the OHADA.

The Colloquium’s agenda included round table discussions focusing on important topics, including, for instance, “What future for the settlement of economic disputes,” “Can we speak of a LEX ECONOMICA? ” and “Farewell to multilateralism? What future for the globalization of law?”

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