Throughout this year 91 hearings took place at CRCICA’s hearing facilities. 81 of the hearings related to cases brought under the CRCICA Rules, 5 hearings related to ad hoc cases administered by CRCICA, and 2 hearings, which lasted for several days, related to cases brought under the ICC Rules.

CRCICA hosted a witness to testify remotely to The Grand Court of The Cayman Islands, using live feed of proceedings (i.e. video conferencing to visualize the hearing room), real time viewer (i.e. live testimony immediately appears on your computer screen as the court reporter writes real-time), and using Opus 2 Magnum electronic bundle solution and by printing and organizing witness’ binders.

The CRCICA has also provided video conferencing assistance to both CAS and the High Court of London in relation to remote examination and cross-examination of witnesses.

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