CRCICA/ADGM Cooperation Agreement

CRCICA celebrates the signing of a Cooperation Agreement with Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) by virtue of which the ADGM Arbitration Centre (ADGMAC) shall be the CRCICA’s alternative hearing centre for its arbitrations and mediations to be conducted in the United Arab Emirates. The signing ceremony took place on 30 September 2019 at ADGM, where Dr. Ismail Selim (Director of the CRCICA) attended it along with staff members of the ADGM. It is also worth mentioning that ADGM can also be chosen as the seat of arbitration for cases administered under CRCICA Rules. The signing has been mentioned on ADGM website and social pages as well as the photos.

The ADGMAC is a hearing facility that is equipped with high-tech facilities. The ADGMAC is not an arbitral institution that administers cases. This means that the facilities can be used by parties regardless of which institution they choose to administer their arbitration.

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